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"Imagination is more important than knowledge"

Graffiti Decorations
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Fan Fiction

Moderators: Roz (prisonsecks) and Shinobi (sterilepoon)
Thanks to Enigmatic and Bibi for the layout.

">The word challenge:
Shallow End by Redishness.
The 'getting away' challenge:
A view to save by Shinobi.
The six scenarios challenge:
Rosary Beads By Prisonsecks.
The lyrics challenge:
Art by Vei.
The photograph challenge:
I am (Invincible) by Shinobi.
The injury challenge:
Between the end and where we lie by Shinobi.
The insecurities challenge:
Just a joke by Bibi.
The five things challenge:
Reflect by ShotgunOpera.
The murder challenge
Death Makes Artists by Demetra
The redemption challenge
Vertigo by ShotgunOpera
The elements challenge
Grey scale by Redishness and Prelude by Shinobi.
The secrets challenge
Love you to death by Prisonsecks
The stalkers challenge
Strung to your ribcage by Prisonsecks
The valentine’s day challenge
Is Anyone Here Alive? by Prisonsecks and Roses for the dead by Shinobi
The line prompt challenge
Changes by Shinobi
The picture challenge
Snake eyes by ShotgunOpera
The five stages of grief challenge
Haunted by Prisonsecks
The debt challenge
Between The Lines by Demetra and Time for deliverance by Shinobi
The domestic challenge
He's like a male Mary Poppins or some shit by Prisonsecks
The food challenge
Little Things by Shinobi
The video challenge
Interviews with the Crystal Killer by aswarmofsharks
The disorder challenge
There Was No One There by Kirstie

All old winners can be found here!


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