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Title : Sweet Conversation Author : Kirstie Rating : 12A… 
8th-Oct-2008 10:29 pm
Chesters crotch

Title : Sweet Conversation
Author : Kirstie
Rating : 12A
Summary : Brad checks on Chester
Notes: Beta’d by Ella my Star!

It was 3am. The bloody phone was ringing and it was 3am. Chester had only glanced at the clock as he jumped out of bed, the bed sheets tangling around him as he struggled to step out of them in a rush to find the phone. It was, of all places, balanced on the banister in the hallway. He was too late.

“Hey, we’re out so leave a message after the beep.” Came his voice and then the beep.

“Where are you?” Came Brad’s irritated voice. “You said you weren’t going out.”

“I’m here.” Chester clicked the line and said angrily.


“I haven’t gone out, just, strangely enough, I was asleep.”

“Ok, sorry. Sometimes you’re still up.” Brad said, his voice had softened and Chester sighed.

“Why have you called Brad?”

“I just wanted to talk.” Brad said with a tight voice.
“Check I wasn’t out drinking you mean?”
“No...” Brad said unconvincingly.
“You don’t trust me!” Chester exclaimed, flopping back on the bed and wishing he’d just let the machine get it. 3am arguments were no fun.
“I do. I just wanted to check…”
“Ok, fine. I wanted to see if you were out.” Brad admitted with a click of his tongue and he rubbed his temples, looking at his own tired reflection in the mirror.
“Well I’m bloody not.”
“Yes… I know.” Brad replied dryly.
“I can’t believe you don’t trust me.” Chester breathed out, a shot of pain rushing up his chest.
“Do you blame me?” Brad asked softly. He put the toilet cover down and sat on it.
“All I did was kiss a guy… hardly crime of the year!”
“Hmmmm. I don’t think Ryan Shuck, one of your friends, to be just any guy.” Brad grumbled, not pleased with the reminder.
“I didn’t sleep with him!”
“I know… you probably would have if you hadn’t have fallen unconscious and been taken to hospital to have your stomach pumped.”
“Well I didn’t. I can’t believe you think I’d be out getting wasted.” Chester hissed out as he rolled onto his stomach on their bed.
“I was just checking.”
“Well thanks, a month of rehab and six months on the wagon count for nothing?”
“This is your first time without me there.”
“And I’m here. Sat bored at home on a Friday night!”
“Do you wish you were out wasted?” Brad asked, but knew the answer; it had been a tough six months. There was a pause of silence that said so much and Brad growled out angrily.
“Sorry!” Chester said quickly, “It’s my first time alone with no distractions; you know this wasn’t fucking easy!”
“I know… I know.” Brad tried to calm them both down. “I just wanted to see if you were ok. It’s not distrust; it’s just your first time without me there so I knew it’d be hard.” He hadn’t called to argue.
“Well I’m here.” Chester huffed out.
“But you wish you were out?”
“No, I wish I was with you.”
“You should have come.” Brad sighed softly, suddenly craving to slide his arms around his boyfriend.
“Oh yeah! You saw Mike’s face when you suggested it! It’s a work thing and I’d distract you!”
“I believe you are in Linkin Park too, you have as much right to be part of the mixing process.”
“Yeah but if I came then it’d be a holiday too and Mike would have to bring Anna and we’d go sightseeing and to restaurants and it wouldn’t be about work.”
“Yeah…” Brad trailed off and there was another silence, yet this time different, there was so much comfort in hearing someone else’s calm breaths.
“I miss you Braddles.” Chester said lightly and he felt Brads smile.
“I miss you too Chesticles.”
“You miss my Chesticles?” Chester smirked.
“I miss your mouth more.” Brad replied, shifting on the toilet seat.
“Oh yeah? My hot mouth tight around-“

”No, don’t.” Brad groaned out.
“No sexy time?”
“Mike is asleep in the other room.”
“I’m sure he understands sexy time.”
“Mike wouldn’t understand sexy time if it climbed up his ass and kamikazied into his G spot!” Brad exclaimed and Chester laughed, loudly then rolled onto his side to catch his breath.

“You are a terrible best friend.”

“I’m an amazing best friend! The patience I’ve had today!” Brad exclaimed and Chester giggled, he’d had texts all day: ‘still mixing the intro....’ ‘3 hours later and we’re still talking about the intro...’ ‘I HATE the intro...’

“You know what he’s like; it’ll be worth it in the end.”

“I know, I just wonder why it’s always me that does this with him?”

“Because, sweetheart, you are a little anal too.” Chester said slowly and delicately. “And not in a homo way.”

“Now all I get from that is an image of you rimming me.” Brad said after a moment.

“You are fucking terrible! Dirty boy!” Chester giggled into the phone.

“Are you naked?”

“Brad! You said no sexy time!”

“Are you?”

“NO! It’s December! I have my Sponge Bob Square Pants Pyjamas on.”

“I’m wearing less and I’m sharing a room with Mike!” Brad replied and Chester just hummed. “You aren’t horny?”

“Not really, sorry.” Chester shrugged and pulled the duvet up and around him.

“Oh.” Brad said with disappointment. “Phone sex never works anyway.”

“You’re gonna buy me a present in New York right?”

“I already have! Don’t bother asking what, it’s a surprise.” Brad told him almost sharply and Chester nodded, grinning at the prospect. “Chazzy, you aren’t angry that I called?”

“What?” thrown by the question and change of subject Chester sat up. “No.”

“It wasn’t to check up on you.”

“Well it was.” Chester replied shortly.

“Well ok, but not in a malicious way. I was just worried.”

“I know, you don’t have a malicious bone in your body. Sweetheart, I’m not mad, but I’m ok, I don’t miss going out and drinking, all I miss right now is you.”

“Awww.” Brad sighed out. “I miss you too.”

“Brad... are you ok in there? You’ve been ages.” Mike’s muffled voice came from the other side of the door.

“Tell him you have diarrhoea.” Chester said quickly.

“I have diarrhoea.”

“Groan loudly.” Chester added and Brad did.

“Urgh, do you think it was the Chinese.... I had the Chinese too.” Mike responded worriedly.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was that.” Brad replied and listened to Chester giggling.

“Well ok.... call if you need anything.”

“What could Mike possibly help you with when you have the shits?” Chester asked and Brad snorted.

“Shut up! Look, I should go.” Brad whispered.

“Oh ok.” Chester pouted. “Call my tomorrow right?”

“Of course. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

“Night baby.”

“Sweet dreams.” They hung up and Chester looked at his phone sadly before putting it on the side table. Snuggling under the duvet he pulled Brads pillow close to his chest and cuddled it tight.



9th-Oct-2008 09:53 pm (UTC)
“Hmmmm. I don’t think Ryan Shuck, one of your friends, to be just any guy.” Brad grumbled

Amen to that. I don't even care that they didn't fuck, them making out is plenty fine.

Chesticles, lmao. That sounds like a good title for the next album, actually. Anyway, this was cute and funny. And I like that Chester got over his bitterness and realized Brad was only looking out for him. Kudos.
10th-Oct-2008 04:41 am (UTC)
This was cuuute. I like how through mostly conversation you showed us a little bit of the inner-workings of their relationship past & present. Bradford's texts make me smile. :]]
12th-Oct-2008 07:39 pm (UTC)
first of all, Chesticles made me giggle for like 3 minutes. second, this was incredibly cute. i like how chester gets pissed off about brad checking up on him. something that really interested me was how (it's implied that) mike doesn't know how to act around brad and chester since they're a couple. and i think that gives it a very real feeling. good work. =)
13th-Oct-2008 05:54 am (UTC)
This is awesome. I especially love the bit where Mike is talking to Brad through the door - it reminds me of the toilet papering incident on lptv. I was giggling quite loudly at Mike's expense (while reading this, not while watching lptv, obviously). And I thought Brad's text messages were hilarious. Also, Chesticles = ♥ And the "Mike wouldn't understand sexy time..." line made me rofl.

I think I like this so much because it's such a short little conversation and yet you can build the idea of their whole lives around this - there's so much detail and awesome characterization and humor. It was a pleasure reading this. :)
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