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"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
Title Sit Here and Wait Author Kirstie Rating Erm... 12A… 
9th-Sep-2008 11:40 pm
Sad Rob
Title Sit Here and Wait
Author Kirstie
Rating Erm... 12A (UK rating)
Summary Chester and Rob get left behind.
Beta Thank You Ella!!!!

Chester’s hopes raised as the two blinding lights got closer. They washed over him and disappeared, its red disappointing lights could be seen for miles on the long stretch of road.

Rob lifted his head and looked at him sadly. It had been funny at first, they had laughed and joked about it; but now the gas station was closed, it was dark and scary and they wished for nothing more than to be back on the bus, warm in their bunk.
Rob had stopped apologising when Chester snapped at him. He had begged Chester to come off the bus with him for snacks and er... a quick stop at the toilet for the number he wasn’t allowed to do on the bus. Apparently the bus driver hadn’t seen them because when they stepped out of the shop the forecourt was empty.
They were clad only in jogging bottoms, tee shirts and flip flops, all they had on them were bags of chips, candy and spare change.

“At least it’s not cold.” Rob offered and Chester nodded, positive he’d said the same thing not long ago; or maybe he’d just thought it.

“They’ll be back soon.” Chester said for the millionth time and Rob smiled. He slid his arm around Chester and they looked out at the dark, bleak landscape of somewhere in Texas.

“Could be worse.”

“How?” Chester asked, looking at his friend with a raised eyebrow.

“You could be sat here with Joe.” Rob relied and Chester laughed, leaning into Rob and shaking his head.

“True, I have to say – if I was going to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with anyone, I’m glad it’s you.”

“Awwww, that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me!” Rob replied and kissed Chester’s forehead. “I love you too.”

“Is there any more coke?” Chester asked and Rob handed him the bottle. The guy that worked in the station was a bastard. He told them
they had to pay for a call, but when they realised they knew no one’s number he had no other advice, then he took the offer of the phone call away when Rob suggested calling the cops. They put their change together and bought a bottle of coke as the guy closed up the station and drove off into the distance.

“Finish off that last bit.” Chester handed the bottle to Rob who quickly gulped down the last mouthful.

“Well now we’re doomed.” Rob said looking at the empty bottle.

“Shut up.”

“We could always drink our pee.” Rob suggested and Chester nudged him.

“Well I’ll drink yours and you drink mine.” Chester added and Rob cringed.

“Why? For variety of taste?”

“Well I’ve already indigested all the stuff from mine, I might get something good inside from yours.”

“That’s gross.”

“True... you’ve had coke, red bull and coke. Not much good in your piss I suppose.” Chester teased and Rob pouted.

“Who the fuck are you?” A sharp voice made them both jump and they turned to see a dishevelled, heavily bearded man.

“Er... we’re just sat.” Rob stuttered.

“Waiting for our friends.” Chester added and stood up.

“Give me your money or I’ll stab you.” The hobo shrieked and both Rob and Chester stared in shock.

“We have no money.” Rob said, sort of suppressing the urge to laugh and feeling that he probably should be more afraid.

“I’ll cut your fucking face off.”

“Ok –”

“I’ll cut off your ear.”

“My ear?” Chester asked unable to hide a smirk.

“I want your fucking ear.”

“Come on now-” Chester started but the hobo pulled out what looked like a bread knife. Chester jumped back into Rob who grabbed him.

“Er... run?” Rob suggested quickly and Chester nodded as they both turned and ran away from the hobo and gas station in their flip flops.

“The hobo incident really tipped this night into the strangest I’ve ever had.” Chester said when they’d slowed down to a walk.

“I’ve clearly lived a sheltered life; it was the strangest from the moment our fucking tour bus disappeared without us!”

“Did you think the hobo was Brad?”

“At first glance, yeah.” Rob nodded as they both glanced up and down the road.

“You’d think one of those motherfuckers would have noticed by now!” Chester hissed as he thought of them all curled up and cosy in their bunk beds. “My butt was numb anyway, we needed to get up and walk.”

“Are you scared?” Rob asked after a few moments of walking silently.

“A little.” Chester confessed and Rob really wanted to hug him, but he knew, should a car drive by that two guys cuddling on a lonely road in Texas would not be received well. “You?” Chester asked.

“Petrified.” Rob responded and they continued in silence, staring up at the stars and thankful for the surprisingly bright full moon. “Why’s everybody so petrified.” Rob suddenly sang and Chester stopped walking.

“Why? Why did you have to go and make a bad situation worse? I’m gonna fucking get that stuck in my head.” Chester fumed and Rob giggled.

“Well it was stuck in mine, I thought I’d share the love.” Rob chirped as they fell into step. “I know. You really must be so lonely, puffed up, lookin’ tough, but so phony, you and your boys, you don’t know me, you really wanna hold me show me, homie.” He sang, suddenly doing an accurate impression of Mike placing one foot in front of the other as he bounced and pointed his hand in front of him. Chester cracked up.

“Like stop......Bring it back Bring it back...We got that balance keeping us on track.” Chester added as they filled the vast silence with their laughter, clinging to each other until they calmed down, caught their breath and started moving again.

“Bloody Fort Minor.”

“You know how Mike gave Cheapshot a blow job that time?” Rob said and Chester stopped again, staring with his mouth open.

“What the fuck?”

“You didn’t know?”

“NO! Fucking what?” Chester exclaimed and Rob laughed.

“He told me when he was drunk one time and apparently trying to relate to my ‘orientation’.”

“When did he do this?”

“On tour in Europe, their hotel was in the middle of nowhere so they all got drunk in a hotel room and played truth or dare and they dared him to suck off Cheap.”

“Did he do it in front of the others?”


“No fucking way – how could I not know about this?” Chester whooped at the information and had to stop to bend over, his side hurting from laughter. “Fucking hell!”

“Yeah... he said it wasn’t enjoyable and tasted bad.” Rob continued to crack Chester up.

“Oh Jesus, that is the fucking funniest thing I’ve ever heard.” Chester whipped his eyes and they continued walking.

“So anyway, I was gonna say – do you notice how sober Mike is, so straight he’s borderline homophobic but when he’s drunk he’ll come on to anyone?”

“Yes!” Chester replied enthusiastically. “But that’s just Mike, he wants to be broad minded but he can’t, the way he was brought up is still engrained in him.” He shrugged.

“He asked me what it was like to be gay.”

“We aren’t gay!” Chester grumbled, “We’re actively pursuing our curiosity.”

“I think that cat got killed a long time ago!” Rob retorted and they laughed together. “He isolates himself from us because he makes a big deal about it. No one else cares – it’s not like we’re dating each other, it doesn’t affect anyone just Mike doesn’t get it.”

“I should just let him fuck me and get it over with.” Chester sighed.

“Oh good, I was thinking I would have to do that.”

“When we get to civilisation, we’ll flip a coin.”

“If we ever do!” Rob moaned and Chester just shook his head with a smile.

“Should we start building our little hut now then?”

“And I’ll scavenge for berries and other such fruit?” Rob added.

“Good luck with that – this place is as barren as Joe’s wife!” Chester dryly replied and Rob gasped.

“Chester! That’s mean! Mike said it was Joe with the issues.”

“Ha! Really?”

“Yeah, but Mike was drunk, he could have been making it up.”

“Mike seems to be drunk a lot. Do you think we’ve missed that?”

“No, he just can’t hold his drink – he gets drunk on cider.” Rob said then sighed and stopped. Chester turned and looked at him. “What are we doing Chaz? We can’t just keep walking.”

“I was joking about the hut! We have to keep going Robbie, they’ll realise we’re missing soon.” Chester reassured.

“They think we’re tucked up safe in our bunks.”

“I’m sure they’ll realise soon.”

“Then where are they?” Rob persisted, “It’s nearly four am!”

“Stop worrying Rob, they’ll find us – it’s like one route through here, so we just have to wait for them to come along.” Chester spoke gently; he looped his arm around Rob’s and guided him to walk again.

“They’ll be so pleased to see us.” Rob said with a sigh.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they tagged us after this!” Chester replied.

“What’s that?” Rob suddenly stopped and turned. A car coming from the direction they’d walked.

“We’ll flag it down.” Chester said and they waited. Rob noticed how fast it was going; the road stretched off to the horizon and the car was already passing the gas station that they could just see hidden by a dip in the stretch of dessert around them.
Chester stepped into the road, the middle of the left lane and held up his hand.
Rob’s voice box was the quickest bodily function as he was already screaming when his mind caught up.
Chester’s body had flown over the roof of the car, legs flying up over his head. In comparison to him hitting the car, Chester’s landing sounded quiet, a soft thud onto the dusty slope off the road on the other side. Rob was there, running as his head turned to look at the car, its engine revved and it was gone, driving off with its blood red lights glowing like eyes at him.

“Chester!” Rob exclaimed, falling to his knees as the blood ran cold from his body. “Don’t be dead.” He cried, tears streaming hysterically down his cheeks. Chester’s legs were clearly crushed, he was on his front and the dusty grey ground was dark and wet with blood; Rob began to shake, terrified to touch his friend. “Please Chazzy.” He whimpered, needing much more than reassurance right now.

“Hmmmm.” A gurgled mumbled emitted from Chester’s throat, an eye cracked open. His face was to the side but he could still just make out Rob beside him, crying. “Robbie.”

“Thank God Chester!” Rob leaned down and pressed his wet lips to Chester’s forehead.

“Hey, shush, calm down, I’m fine.” Chester said and Rob sat back up, he didn’t know what to say, he didn’t want to argue but he was sure fine was not the right word to describe the predicament Chester was in.

“What can I do? Where hurts the most?” Rob asked frantically.

“Nothing hurts, I’m fine. You need to calm down Robbie, catch your breath.” Chester spoke so gently and steadily that Rob almost believed him, taking his time to gulp air before he spoke again. He didn’t think it was a good thing that Chester felt no pain, in fact, he was sure that that was distinctively bad but he couldn’t ask for a second opinion right now.

“I’m fine, Chester.” Rob said finally, he wanted to touch Chester, his hand hovering over him before finally stroking through his hair; his heart leapt when he felt how wet it was but he was too scared to see if it was blood or sweat. “What now?” He voice was shaking.

“Now you squeeze my hand,” Chester instructed and Rob immediately obeyed, enveloping the cold hand, “Now we just sit here and wait.” Chester breathed and Rob nodded, looking up and down the road and back at his friend.

It didn’t take long for Chester to die, Rob knew without checking that he’d gone. The sun rose from the horizon while Rob sat, motionlessly waiting as he squeezed his friends’ hand.
9th-Sep-2008 10:54 pm (UTC)
WTF dude?! I was waiting for them to have sex and then HE DIES.

I'm coming back tomorrow to review properly. This has made me strangely sad.
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